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Sale Day 

Wed April 8, 2020

at the Big Red Barn 

at Rock Lake

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2020 Bull Sale Reference Sires

Stevenson Big League 70749

RL 9061 Birdie 3102  is the dam of Stevenson Big League and Stevenson Declaration.  She was purchased by Stevenson Angus at the Casper Female Select Sale from Rock Lake Angus.  Birdie's dam, RL 0145 Image 102, is the cornerstone dam of our embryo donor program.  

Like his high volume flush brother, Big League offers a pedigree of outcross genetics for nearly all of the widely-used sire lines in the Angus breed and his highly productive young dam is the result of mating a Pathfinder Sire to a Pathfinder Dam with an average calving interval of 379 days, average progeny weaning ratio of 4 at 108, average progeny yearling ratio of 3 at 103, an average progeny %IMF ratio of 7 at 113 and an average progeny URE ratio of 7 at 108 to carry on the family tradition of her Pathfinder Dam with 5 calves that have an average weaning ratio of 110 and her grandam that weaned nine calves with an average ratio of 107.


Stevenson Big League recorded the heaviest weaning weight in the 70-year and four-generation history of Stevenson Angus Ranch, weighing 1,340 pounds at 10 months of age when he sold two-thirds interest for a new Stevenson record of $221,000 with his flush brother Stevenson Declaration following him to sell for two-thirds interest for $120,000.

Barstow Cash 

Cash is a medium framed, easy fleshing bull with tremendous body mass and muscle shape. Although light at birth, your Cash calves will display a unique amount of volume and thickness very early in life. They will grow and perform at an accelerated rate that is not typical of calves by most calving-ease sires.

Jindra Acclaim 

Acclaim is a free-moving, long-bodied, larger framed bull with elite growth. In addition to growth and carcass, he excels for heifer pregnancy and docility.

He offers calving ease with exceptional performance and maternal strength.  Jindra Acclaim is the sire of Stevenson Big League and Stevenson Declaration. 

Basin Bonus 4345

Offering much of the same body type and powerful growth EPD profile as his widely-used sire, this young sire with exceptional length of body, depth of rib and below breed average Birth Weight EPD can add a bonus of marbling score genetics without losing the look and growth that have made the Payweight sire line popular and recognized around the world.

Musgrave Aviator 

A “sleep-all-night” calving ease bull with high accuracy double-digit Calving Ease Direct and minus Birth Weight EPDs, great feet and docile disposition, Aviator offers a unique combination of balancing calving ease, muscle and phenotype and his dam combines an average progeny birth ratio of 4 at 97, average progeny weaning ratio of 4 at 108, average progeny yearling ratio of 3 at 108 and an average progeny URE ratio of 6 at 103.

SAV Resource 1441

Resource is in a league of his own for siring body dimension, fleshing ease, muscle thickness and breed character. He consistently sires high quality functional phenotype and unprecedented productivity.  Daughters are prized assets in breeding programs that admire eye-appealing, highly productive females that are easy to be around.

RB Tour of Duty 177

This industry giant stamps his sons with a good disposition and a smooth made, long sided appearance along with tremendous growth.  Tour of Duty combines with the three “P’s” of pedigree, performance and phenotype and both sons and daughters have broken sales records and rank strong on the genomic tests enabling them to maintain an elite genomic-enhanced EPD profile with strong growth and carcass weight advantages.  

SAV Thunderbird 9061

Thunderbird took top honors as the #1 calving ease bull of the entire calf crop at Schaff Angus Valley recording a BW EPD of -0.9 with a 66# active birth weight and a weaning EPD in the breed's top 1% and a yearling EPD in the breed's top 2%. Thunderbird blends the best in phenotype and pedigree with second-to-none EPDs in an attractive and impressive package with depth, thickness and soundness of structure.

LD Capitalist 316

Standing on a perfect foot, LD Capitalist's structure and soundness are flawless.  He stamps his calves with a look of style and quality with added muscle and performance.  Elite calving ease sire with exceptional growth.  From the number of certificates being issued, the breeders are liking what they are getting.

SAV Pioneer 7301

Pioneer represents decades of disciplined breeding for performance and maternal value while offering the calving ease potential of his great sire.  If you are looking to improve your female base, use him to sire angular, feminine females with a lot of rib shape and awesome udders.  His progeny are structurally sound with longevity for any environment


Blowing out bulls for sale videos 3/11/2020

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