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2021 Bull Sale Catalog Highlights


2021 Bull Sale Reference Sires

HA Cowboy Up 5405

AAA 18286467

Produced by a $100,000 Hinman Angus Pathfinder Dam whose five natural progeny have an average weaning ratio of 114 and an average yearling average ratio of 109, Cowboy Up has been used extensively across the breed, and in the spring of 2019, 18 sons of Cowboy Up topped Angus bull sales reported by the American Angus Association, and those top-sellers sold for an average price of more than $17,000.

Spring Cove Reno 4021

AAA 17926446

 "Reno"  was purchased by ST Genetics in the summer of 2016 and moved to Hawkeye West (Genex) in Mt. where he met his unfortunate death. His moderate stature, muscle expression, and balanced EPD profile has caught the eye of performance breeders from across the nation.   Very little semen is available on Reno through private sources only.

Sydgen Enhance

AAA 18170041

SydGen Enhance records the Number 3 $Combined value index and a top 10 $Beef value index among the 2,391 high-accuracy sires in the Main Report.

Number 2 at ORIgen for $Combined value index, Number 5 for $Beef value index and top 10 for Calving Ease Direct EPD, Calving Ease Maternal EPD, Claw set EPD, Docility score EPD, for reducing Mature Height EPD and Residual Average Daily Gain EPD

KG Justified 3023

AAA 17707279

Justified offers a unique combination of calving ease, sustainable growth and carcass quality combined with docility and heifer pregnancy making him a true genetic breed leader. He offers breed-leading Claw, Angle, $M and $W with outcross opportunities. His ability to transmit a superior phenotype with strong genetic data offers high profit potential for all cattlemen.

Musgrave Aviator 

AAA 17264774

A “sleep-all-night” calving ease bull with high accuracy double-digit Calving Ease Direct and minus Birth Weight EPDs, great feet and docile disposition, Aviator offers a unique combination of balancing calving ease, muscle and phenotype and his dam combines an average progeny birth ratio of 4 at 97, average progeny weaning ratio of 4 at 108, average progeny yearling ratio of 3 at 108 and an average progeny URE ratio of 6 at 103.

SAV Resource 1441

AAA 17016597

Resource is in a league of his own for siring body dimension, fleshing ease, muscle thickness and breed character. He consistently sires high quality functional phenotype and unprecedented productivity.  Daughters are prized assets in breeding programs that admire eye-appealing, highly productive females that are easy to be around.

Stevenson Turning Point

AAA 18434747

Turning Point offers impressive EPDs, looks that stop you in your tracks and a foundation of maternal power from the herd bull producing Pride cow family.

Turning Point has the genetic and phenotypic power to move your herd in the right direction.

An outstanding option for calving ease, phenotype and maternal strength.

SAV Thunderbird 9061

AAA  16396499

Thunderbird took top honors as the #1 calving ease bull of the entire calf crop at Schaff Angus Valley recording a BW EPD of -0.9 with a 66# active birth weight and a weaning EPD in the breed's top 1% and a yearling EPD in the breed's top 2%.  Thunderbird blends the best in phenotype and pedigree with second-to-none EPDs in an attractive and impressive package with depth, thickness and soundness of structure.


EPDs by Lot Number

All bulls offered in our 2021 sale have genomic enhanced EPDs through Angus GS to ensure accuracy and predictability.  EPDs below  are as of 1/29/2021. Semen test completed 1/25/2021.  PAP test completed 1/26/2021.  Both tests completed by Dr. Allen Gotfredson, DVM, Flying A Animal Health at Rock Lake in Wheatland, WY at approx 4,800 feet.

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