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Sale Postponed due to weather to Tues, Dec 20th, 2022 @ 1pm

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2022 Rock Lake Angus Production Sale Reference Sires

G A R Home Town

AAA 19266718

A phenotypic. calving ease standout - big hipped, wided based with an attractive herd bull presense all in a moderately sized package.  Home Town offers an elite trifecta of 1's with his Method Genetics indexes and a super investment for your genentic dollar.

KG Justified 3023

AAA #*17707279

A double-digit calving ease bull with high profit potential for commercial cattlemen, this maternal bull offers breed-leading $W and outcross possibilities.  Justified calves offer extra muscle shape and definition.

HA Cowboy Up 5405

AAA 18286467

 Cowboy Up has been used extensively across the breed, and in the spring of 2019, 18 sons of Cowboy Up topped Angus bull sales reported by the American Angus Association, and those top-sellers sold for an average price of more than $17,000.

Stevenson Turning Point

AAA 18434747

Turning Point offers impressive EPDs, looks that stop you in your tracks and a foundation of maternal power from the herd bull producing Pride cow family.   An outstanding option for calving ease, phenotype and maternal strength.

KG Justified 9019

AAA  19655882

AKA "Teddy" is a Rock Lake Angus herd bull.  Cow maker, calving ease Justified son  with CED, BW, WW, SC, DOC, Claw, CW, $M, $W, $F $C in top 25%.  Teddy is the entire package with strong maternal traits and performance to boot.

Stevenson Republic 90552

AAA +*19457952

 Rock Lake Angus herd bull.  Republic was the 3rd top selling bull at Stevenson's December 3rd, 2019 sale. This bull is the maternal brother to Stevenson Big League 70749 and Stevenson Declaration 70748. He is top 20% CED, WW and $W.

Spring Cove Reno 4021

AAA *17926446

 Reno is a wide based, stout made Broken Bow son with balanced EPDs with indexes at the top of the breed.  Reno progeny are dense bodied, easy fleshing cattle  that can thrive in harsh environments.


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